Ag Institute honors several for
telling the story of Florida agriculture

Veteran citrus grower receives AG-Vocate Award

Mark Wheeler, fourth generation Florida farmer and second generation co-owner, board Mark Wheelerdirector, and chief financial officer of Wheeler Farms, Inc. in Lake Placid, Florida, has been awarded the Agriculture Institute of Florida’s 2014 AG-Vocate Award.

The award recognizes an individual whose effective communications with opinion leaders and the general public has raised awareness of, and appreciation for, agriculture’s important contributions to Florida’s economy and environment. Read the full story here.

Authors of 'Field to Feast' and 'Good Catch' honored
The Institute also honored three food writers for their work in telling the story of Florida agriculture. Heather McPherson, food editor of the Orlando Sentinel, along with Pam Brandon and Katie Farmand were presented awards of appreciation for their two cookbooks, Field to Feast (2012) and Good Catch (2014). Both books are beautifully illustrated and – besides recipes – are packed with stories of the people behind Florida’s agricultural bountiful crops and products.

O'Connor recognized for leadership on Candidates Forums

Ron O’Connor, vice president of marketing for Farm Credit, was honored for his efforts on the Farm Credit/Ag Institute Candidates Forum held in September. O’Connor has been instrumental in the success of the event, held every four years, for the past 20 years. Candidates for governor and Cabinet positions are invited to discuss their platform before ag leaders from across the state.


The Story of Florida Agriculture

Florida Agriculture has a story to tell.

Florida's farmers produce 280 different commodities, employ over half a million people, generate more than $103 billion in annual economic impact and provide tax surpluses. Florida is the nation's top producer of citrus, sugar cane, winter vegetables, ornamental plants and sod, and agriculture consistently ranks second only to tourism in supporting the Florida economy,

Florida's farmers are also caretakers of the state's richly diverse environment. Farmers have been leaders in the use of reclaimed water and developing best management practices to improve water quality, minimize impacts and care for the land while producing an abundance of safe, affordable food and other products that make our lives more enjoyable.

The Agriculture Institute of Florida is an organization of communications professionals, individual farms and producers from a diverse blend of agricultural associations, commodity producers and ag-interested businesses working together to promote the value of Florida agriculture and raise media and consumer awareness of the benefits it provides.